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Spanish Language Schools in the Dominican Republic

The Spanish language schools in the Dominican Republic offer a wide range of activities for students besides just learning a second language. The people of the Dominican Republic are of Spanish descent, and Spanish and English are the most commonly heard languages in the country although other languages may also be used in certain provinces and areas. The country is divided into thirty different provinces with most of the population living in the capital city of Santo Domingo. The Dominican Republic is home to the highest mountain in the Caribbean at a height of 3,174 meters. The Pico Duarte is so high that often, even in the maritime tropical climate, its peak is covered with snow in the winter months.

The country offers many different types of terrain and sightseeing opportunities for those attending Spanish language schools in the Dominican Republic. There are the Cordillera Central Mountains in the interior of the country and over 870 miles of beaches on the northern side of the island bordering the Atlantic Ocean. In the middle of the island there are lush rainforests, grasslands, agricultural areas and villages and small towns.

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The tourist areas of the island offer world-class golfing, as well as international and local shops and boutiques featuring a variety of artists. World-class restaurants and fine dining areas are located in the resort and hotel areas, while traditional Dominican foods can be found in the smaller towns and local restaurants. There is a casual and relaxed atmosphere throughout the Dominican Republic that makes it a great place to unwind. Spanish language schools in the Dominican Republic encourage students to spend time in the community and to learn about the culture of the area as well as improve their Spanish.

While in the Dominican Republic consider trying snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, sports fishing or parasailing, windsurfing or sailing, just to get started. In addition there are numerous guided tours explaining the historical significance of each beautiful area. People that are considering learning a second language should definitely consider attending one of the Spanish language schools in Dominican Republic for a wonderful learning and cultural experience.


Spanish Schools in the Dominican Republic

To choose from among the very best Spanish schools in the Dominican Republic the one that best suits your particular needs, just select the city or town you prefer to study in:
Santo Domingo