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Learn Spanish abroad - About us

ABT Language Services began work in 1990 advising Spanish students who wanted to study abroad. Since then we have extended our services, first to Latin American customers, and now to anyone, in any country in the world. Because of our combined Anglo-Saxon and Spanish roots, we are especially well-placed to advise and help students wanting to find Spanish courses abroad, in both Spain and Latin America.

How can ABT help ME?

We can help you precisely because we have already helped thousands of students just like you.

And we can help you, above all, because we have the professional experience and knowledge necessary to select only the best Spanish courses abroad among the thousands on offer.

The Director of ABT Language Services, Terry Roberts, is a graduate of Cambridge University who has been active in the field of language education - at all levels - for over 35 years.

He has taught in recognized language schools in Spain and Great Britain and has worked abroad for the British Council.

Recently he has combined his work as Director of ABT Language Services with a post as University Lecturer teaching English Applied to Business Studies at the University College of Financial Studies in Madrid, Spain.

What guarantees does ABT offer me?

Your best guarantee is the large number of students who have used our service to find their ideal Spanish course abroad. Since the company was founded, almost 20 years ago, thousands of students have placed their confidence in ABT.

Finally, we respect your privacy. Although we may ask you for personal details in order to decide which is the best program for you, you can be sure that we will not use that information for any other purpose. If you want to see the details, please read our Privacy Statement.